The Anunciata collects more than 300 euros to help refugees

Students of La Anunciata Ikastetxea of ​​Pasai Antxo have shown this week their more caring side, pulling up on stage ready to join efforts and artistic talents for a good cause. The experience has been a success. In case of doubt, ask students group of fourth year of ESO of the center, who presented to their peers and the rest of the educational community the musical known as 'Mamma Mia!', based on the songs of Abba Swedish group. This representation, held in the auditorium of La Anunciata, had the aim of raising funds for the Commission for Assistance to Refugees in Euskadi (CEAR).

According to reports from the mentioned educational institution, "the musical is the play which has been chosen this year to develop in the course of theater. Every year the play is represented by the fourth ESO students in front of the school, and this year, after the usual representation, the idea of ​​opening their performance to the parents and the general public arose"

As the school "has always promoted education in values", the idea quickly turned into ​​a benefic performance. "The Anunciata school participates this year in an Erasmus + European project in which we work on the refugees’ issue. Consequently, the school contacted Jon Solaguren, member of Commission for Refugee Aid, organization that has been responsible for the reception of the 12 refugees who have recently arrived in Donostia". 

Tiar Mustapha and his partner Iskander received a check worth 309.86 euros from the theater teacher. This money has been voluntarily contributed by those attending the musical.

Source: El Diario Vasco