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Gymnasium Lilienthal, Lillienthal, Germany

Lilienthal in Lower Saxony in Germany

The municipality of Lilienthal with its 18.000 inhabitants belongs to the administrative district of Osterholz in Lower Saxony and borders the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

It is embedded in a picturesque moorland landscape and numerous cycling paths and hiking trails make it very attractive for tourists from the region and from abroad. The dykes along the three major rivers - “Wümme”, “Hamme” and “Wörpe” – offer a beautiful view of the moorland and of the meadows and fields. Local farmers produce a variety of local food such as milk, eggs, strawberries and green cabbage.

In the historic city centre you can find the beautiful monastery church St. Marien which dates back to the founding of Lilienthal by the Cistercians in the early 13th century. This Cistercian monastery built  in the 18th century the biggest European observatory of the time. All the records and devices which were used can still be seen in the local History Museum and right at the entrance of Lilienthal  you can see an authentic replica of Newton’s reflecting telescope.
The moorland in the summer 

There is hardly a better place to look for new teaching methods and intercultural learning than in a place that already looked at the stars 200 years ago.