La Anunciata Ikastetxea – FEFC

Purpose of the school (LAI) is integral education of the students, not only teaching them subjects, but also teaching them how to be a person. LAI  is a Catholic school,  based on the principles of the Catholic religion. The school's mission is to endorse the pupils  from kindergarten up to university with human values and self esteem to prepare them for their lifelong career in society.

LAI is a small school with about 400 students (from 0 to 17 years) and 37 professionals. The school is set in the outskirts of San Sebastian, close to the town of Pasaia, which has strongly suffered the European recession becoming one of the towns with the highest rate of unemployment in the area. The pupils come from of a wide range of nationalities, both of European as Latin American or African backgrounds.

Internationalisation has always been part of of the philosophy of LAI. The school emphasizes students’ future is no longer set within the limits of the city or within the borders of the country, but in a global environment. Thus the objective of the school is to encourage the learning of languages, and to show the pupils  the different realities of the world through literature, films, webquests and other ICT-based inquiries.

The intention of LAI is also to give  students the opportunity of touching the reality in practice. For that reason  the school believes that exchange is essential in development. Internationalisation has in LAI a tradition of over 30 years. Trips are made to  most of the countries in the EU, cooperations are set up with a variety of other European schools. LAI maintains a multilateral exchange with schools from both the San Sebastian area and the south of France for the last six years, thematically based on the importance of ecology. Students are encouraged to find penpals all over the world and are currently working on an etwinning project at the early ages with a primary school from Poland and starting another one with a school from Turkey.
Regarding  the experience in the societal issues rin this applicated project LAI emphasizes her forming misson as mentioned above. As a result the school intends to  make pupils aware of the cultural diversity in the direct environment. Departing from that mission, the school organiszes several activities through the year (talks, film viewings, debates, etc), which summounts in a multicultural party, called "Mundiguro" in which students of different background come to school with their families showing showing their multicultural background (food, traditional clothes, music etc).


La Anunciata Ikastetxea