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La Anunciata Ikastetxea – FEFC, Pasaia, Basque Country, Spain

Pasaia and Donostia

Our school is located in the outskirts of Donostia/San Sebastian city, in the border with the next city called Pasaia, from which we receive most of the students. 

Donostia/San Sebastian

San Sebastián is the administrative capital of Gipuzkoa, one of the three provinces making up the Basque Autonomous Community. It lies to the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula, 30 kilometres from the border with France. The cross-border region running from San Sebastián to Bayonne represents an important hub of social, economic and tourist development in the south-west of the European Union (EU).

San Sebastián is a medium-sized city with almost 186,000 inhabitants. It is a tertiary, tourist city, eminently commercial, with strong emphasis on services and congresses. In recent years, San Sebastián has moved into the leading position among European cities, largely because of its commitment to science, technology, sustainable development and culture. Its designation as European Capital of Culture confirms this pledge.

Its smart urban layout and short distances make San Sebastián perfect for getting around on foot, with sprawling pedestrian precincts bike lanes and promenadesthat hug the city coastline from tip to tip.

A city of deep-rooted international tourist tradition dating back to the 19th century, San Sebastián offers an excellent clean public transport service, an icon of architecture the Kursaal Congress Centre and Auditorium, a varied choice of hotels and, above all, what is now one of the best known creative gastronomies in the world.


Located on the eastern coast of Gipuzkoa, a few kilometres from its capital, Pasaia is formed by four centres of population: Donibane and San Pedro, areas with sea flavour, and Pasai Antxo and Trintxerpe, both with more urban atmosphere. 

These four neighbourhoods are situated on a rough and mountainous land, encompassed by Ulía and Jaizkibel Mountains, and on both sides of the Bay of Pasaia. Its economy is based on its port, which is Gipuzkoa's most important commercial port. 

The town has an important cultural heritage and significant monuments. The most interesting buildings are located in Pasai Donibane and San Pedro. Both of them divided by the bay, they are connected with a small motorboat and a road that surrounds the bay passing by Lezo. 

In this picture, we can see Pasaia in the foreground, and Donostia/San Sebastian in the background