Student Exchange Villacidro-Sardinia March 2017

Villacidro, Sardinia

Dutch students on the exchange in Villacidro:

  • A big difference between the Dutch and the Italian students was that the Italian students were way shorter than the Dutch students. The tallest Italian was like 1.77 m and he was looked at as tall […] it was really funny to see the look on the faces of all younger students who had never seen a person as tall as 2 meters, when we entered the school for the first time.
  • I think the difference between Italian people and Dutch people (teachers and students both) is the relaxing way of looking at things. Italians are laid-back but passionate. Dutch people are more stressed and structured.
  • In addition my greatest challenge was communicating with my exchange partner and her parents, exactly as I expected. Luckily Italian turned out to be quite easy so I could understand mostly of what they are talking about and I could answer with a few words in Italian.