Exchange week  Leiden, The Netherlands – Villacidro, Sardinia

Trip to Villacidro

Our Erasmus + exchange with Liceo Piga , Villacidro took place from the 19th April 2016 until 26th April 2016.  Nineteen students aged 16 and 2 teachers, Laveena Beegoo and Tom van der Hulst, flew from Dusseldorf to Cagliari. We were warmly welcomed by the Sardinian Students and the wonderful teaching staff of Liceo Piga. The Sardinian students had organized a devine lunch at the “Sa Spendula” waterfalls. An amazingly well organised programme was set up by our Sardinian colleagues. We started daily at 8:30 a.m with an educational part and the afternoon always ended with something cultural and social.

Workshops and Lectures

During the exchange week the Dutch and Sardinian students took part in workshops addressing topics like European Citizenship, 21st century skills and social interaction with another culture. The students had lectures on language, history and regional identity. This proved to be useful during the afternoon part of the programme especially as it provided the students with a framework to understand the cultural sights and impressions during the week. Towards the end of the week the exchange students participated in workshops in which they tried to find solutions to several questions and problems raised by EU immigration policies. Sardinian and Dutch students worked together in groups to do their research and write up their presentation. Their results were then presented to all of us at the end of the day. Some refugees were also present at this final meeting and sharing their personal experiences with us were an important addition to the activities of our students.


In the afternoon there were mainly cultural excursions on the agenda. On the first day our students went on a Villacidro city tour with Sardinian students being our guide and giving presentations in both English and French on their history and culture. This also took place during an excursion to a nature reserve later in the week. All the students did their best to be understood by each other. It was a great teamwork and the communication amongst the students just got easier during that week. The excursion to Cagliari included historical and cultural sights and our trip to Sant’ Antioco combined classical excavations with traditional Sardinian culture.


The Sardinian exchange week provided yet another amazing opportunity to experience a different culture, a different lifestyle and a different language from very close. Not only friendships were formed with wonderful and caring host families but also with people from Liceo Piga and fellow exchange students.We can honestly say that it was life enriching experience for all of us.