La Anunciata School Presents Erasmus + results

Last Thursday, May 18th, La Anunciata Ikastetxea organised an event at San Sebastian`s Aquarium auditorium to present its ”Empowering Students to European Citizenship (ESEC) Project.  Various basque education centres, San Sebastian City Council, Gipuzkoa County Council, the Basque Government, the “Christian Schools Foundation“ and other education related entities were all present.

The event was opened at 6 p.m. by head teacher, Kontxi Barrenetxea, who welcomed the guests. Project coordinator Diego López-Zuazo and the rest of the members of the Erasmus + team commented on the ESEC in general terms and then concentrated on the intectual results.  The event was conducted in three languages English, Euskara and Spanish reflecting educational standards at La Anunciata Ikastetxea.

Erasmus+ is a European Community grant given to educationnally outstanding innovative projects.   “Empowering Students to European Citizenship” aims to prepare students for life in a border- free Europe, strengthening those values which have traditionally characterised the continent and testing them in view of the attitude shown by many countries towards the arrival of large numbers of refugees.

At the same time one of the project objectives was to develop 21st Century Skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.  These were demonstrated through the participation of two student groups who made their appearence via a light-hearted videotheatre in the auditorium screen cutting into the teachers’ presentation.  They then came on stage to explain two of the activities   completede in the Project : “ From 21st Century Skills to 21st Century Schools” and “ A Company Abroad”.

Finally, we were  able to see how the Project also served as a learning experience for the teachers given that part of the work involves following a “ Professional Learner’s Community” (PLC) methodology. The five project team teachers have followed this method when undertaking all activities.

All project results will be presented in a teachers’ guide for other european schools to be able to benefit from the experience of the Pasaia school.

The event also served to present (BCBL) and was later followed by a buffet served in the Bokado restaurant where participants dicussed the La Anunciata Ikastetxea project in a more informal manner.

Pasaia Conference

Pasaia, Spain