Student Exchange Leiden February 2017

Leiden, Netherlands

Students from Villacidro on the exchange in Leiden:

  • We have improved ourselves by knowing and acquiring the differences between ourselves, and we learned that, though the differences of height or hair colour or of language, though we have dinner at different time, we are all equal men with some tastes: we like dance and music, we like swim and play football, we like nature and art, snow and sun, mountains and sea. 
  • Yes, I found some differences, for example in the Netherlands people go everywhere with their bike, they don’t mind if it is raining or snowing, they will always have their bike; another difference is how Dutch people eat, they eat too many sandwiches and they haven’t a real lunch.
  • My Dutch family gave me a warm welcome: in fact, despite being away from my family, I can say that I felt at home […] Now I can say that I have two new friends who come from the Netherlands and that this adventure will always be in my heart